Conservative Media Spreads Trump Claim Pelosi ‘Defending’ Iran’s Top Military General

President Trump accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats of defending Iran’s top military general today and for some reason, many Conservative media outlets are parading this around like it is a good thing. Let’s take a look at the facts and look at this in a neutral way, with no bias.

“You know what bothers me?” Trump asked. “When I see Nancy Pelosi trying to defend this monster. When Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want to defend him, I think that’s a very bad thing for this country. I think that’s a big losing argument politically, too.” Conservative media is spinning this as Trump “firing back” at Speaker Pelosi.

Speaker Pelosi’s spokesman Drew Hammill responded to this claim that she defended Iran’s general by saying, “Incumbent on reporters to make clear this is trash, ”while providing Pelosi’s actual comments, “He was a terrible person. Did bad things. But it’s not about how bad they are. It’s about how good we are.”

Neutral News Analysis

So this is a pretty cut and dry example of fake news. Nowhere in evidence is there any defense of Iran’s top general from any Democrats, Speaker Pelosi included. Pelosi instead condemned him as being a “terrible person.”

Democrats have been critiquing Trump over his decision to take out Iran’s general and that is what must be “bothering” him. The only “losing” argument here is completely making up and spreading this kind of misinformation. 2020 Democrat candidates would be wise to use this is their campaign ads.

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